PKE Consulting provides strategic consulting at the intersection of computing, networking, and communications.  The primary focus is on how the integration of information and interaction can create value transformation for organizations.  This is often referred to as Unified Communications or Collaboration.  PKE Consulting works with the leading service providers and manufacturers to deliver the best solutions to the market. PKE Consulting analyzes market trends, competitive positions and innovation to understand how technology is transforming business.

Integrating Innovation and Business Process for Transformation

Message from Phil Edholm

PKE Founder and Principal Analyst

I founded PKE Consulting to continue working in driving the communications, computing, and human interaction industry to deliver business transformation.  My 30 years of industry vision and leadership allow me to bring a unique set of capabilities that enable me to deliver value across technology and business. I look forward to helping your organization understand the market, how to respond and position your solutions.

Focus on the


PKE Consulting was a leader in enabling the adoption of WebRTC in the 2010s. WebRTC has enabled a new range of capabilities. The advent of ubiquitous bandwidth, available smart devices, employee and customer familiarity, and the reengineering of business processes in the cloud is enabling Frontline Communications. Download the white paper above to understand this emerging transformation.

Industry Leadership and Transformational Thought

For almost 10 years, PKE Consulting has been a thought leader in how communications, collaboration, video, and teams can transform business. Review the PKE Consulting White Papers for valuable information.

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